Rose, caramel, violet, ginger…



The universe of chocolate is a world
shaped by a thousand secrets, by perseverance and
by know-how which founded on passion.


Following his long-time passion for chocolate,
Mr. David Holder, Chairman of Ladurée, decided to devote
to this exquisite substance a special place within Ladurée family,
creating a new brand entirely dedicated to chocolate.

“Les Marquis de Ladurée” completes our gourmet range
with delicious products luxuriously presented,
renewing the value at the heart of our House’s creations,
namely a perfect alchemy between Beauty and Taste.

“Les Marquis”
Chocolate Bonbons

“Les Marquis” Chocolate Bonbons are a perfect balance
of bitter and sweet, delicate and intense, melting and crunchy ;
and stage gustative aromas of flowers, spices and fruits.

From the traditional truffle to the generous “bouchées”,
without forgetting the indispensable bars, from simplicity
to sophistication, all is there.



Ladurée pays great attention to the careful
selection of the raw materials essential to the productuion
of its chocolates. Our master chocolate makers
work with exceptional chocolates that have they origin
in the most beautifls lands of the world: Brazil, Ecuador,
Madagascar, Hispaniol…

All the ingredients are selected with rigour and passion:
Almonds, Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Smoked Chinese tea, Orange
from southern Spain and Corsica, Lemons from Corsica, Menton, Italy,
Chestnut honey, Coffee from Brazil, Pistachios from Iran,
Grapes from South Africa… Each component plays its aromas
aromas and offers the richness of its taste in the magical
balance of each Les Marquis de Ladurée chocolate creation.

in a modern

Our master chocolate makers perpetuate the art of creating
top-quality chocolates following the best practices of
meticulous production. Each recipe is developed with
a desire for perfection and gourmet delicacy and reveals
the aromatic treasures of our cocoa beans.

The subtle flavours, the balanced and carefully tested
proportioning of each ingreditent, the marriage of the best
aromas inspire each of the Les Marquis de Ladurée creations.
Most of our chocolates are coated and decorated by hand.
Their mouthfee, which is both homogeneous and surprising,
gives our range unique aromatic and gustatory qualities.

In large and modern workshops designed by David Holder,
CEO of Ladurée, the master chocolate maker creates exclusive recipes
and orchestrates precise production guided by excellence.


Like a magic potion, chocolate can be the source of
intense, unprecedented pleasures.

the senses

To appreciate its qualities to the full,
we recommend that you taste it in a moment of peace and quiet,
with just a hint of an appetite to sharpen the senses.

Chocolate releases all ist aromas and reveals
its ideal texture at a temparature of around 20°C.

Its sheen, its roundness, its intense aromas,
the crispness of the coating as you bite into it
are the first sensations to appreciate.


When melting in mouth,
chocolate caresses the palate,
becoming soft and smooth.
It releases an explosion of aromas which gradually
spread through the body in successive stages.
Chocolate can provoke sensations that your palate
will remember for a while.
A long finish is the sign of a chocolate with character.
It prolongs the pleasure and invites you to repeat the experience
again and again...



A real architectural exploit, following
David Holder's desire for an exceptional and
unique place dedicated to the universe of chocolate.


14 rue Castiglione, 75001 Paris
Phone : +33(0) 1 42 60 86 92

From beginnings
to now

As usual for our House, an open bond between
a dazzling past and the new contemporary world
made of technologies and technical achievements.

The 14 Castiglione expresses this link: we imagined
a refined "Marquis" of the 18th century on courtesy call
in the 21st century.

A beautiful link, so Ladurée.

As a panoramic view
of the 18th century

The graphic chart includes grey, ivory and white shades.

The walls are decorated with an endless profusion
of Acanthus stucco leaves, a unique creation
of a sculptor of outstanding dexterity.

Halfway between
Italian inspiration
and modernity

The ceiling is also embellished with a stucco garland,
decorated with magnificent Murano chandeliers, which gives
a more Italian-colour palette to the place. In contrast, the
ground is more modern as it is in grey concrete.

An impressive library surrounds the big counter, whose
front is in Carrara white marble veined of grey,
enriched by precious and sophisticated folds.

To emphasize its elegance, the counter is
generously adorned with magnificent "Marquis"
profile medallions.

Our chocolate chef
welcomes you…

The back of the counter is in a different material,
with steel leaves adding a more contemporary touch
to the place. A majestic Marquis’ profile in a painted
medallion decorates the space and provides its signature.

The result is a convivial and interactive place, which allows
the chocolate maker to step out for tastings and chocolate classes.



Give the gift of the best chocolates
in a special, magnificent box
for a unique gourmet experience!

Business gifts

Activities and gifts for your teams

Building loyalty and boosting motivation


our made-to-order

Elegant and exclusive solutions for personalising your gifts*.

  • We will include a card with your personalised message.
  • We will produce a ribbon with your name or the name of your event.
  • We will create a personalised chocolate.
  • We will mark a selection of our gift boxes (for long deadlines and large quantities).

Our services

We respond to your request for an estimate in 48 hrs.
A door-to-door delivery service to the recipients of your gifts.
or a grouped delivery to a single address in France or internationally.

*Solutions dependent on quantities, deadlines and the details of your plan.


To offer les Marquis de Ladurée experience, 4 gift cards :
(accepted for any purchase at 14 Castiglione Store) :

€30 , €50, €80, €100


Gourmet welcome :
A presentation of the Marquis de Ladurée universe,
an introduction to the history of chocolate, wear the Marquis
apron and plunge all your senses into the creation of a recipe
on the knowledgeable advice of our Chocolate Chef!

The Workshops are for 4 to 9 people,
from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday evening
or from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday morning

Duration: 3H
Price: 82 Euros

2 creations
are offered:

Chocolat enchantments
Chocolate pastries
(Religieuse or Eclair or Tart, etc.)

Chocolate treasures :
Chocolate bonbons
(Impérial bonbons or truffles)

Each student :

  • Will have an equipped workstation
  • Will discover a Marquis recipe
  • Will learn the simple gestures and techniques
  • Will be able to share his creations back home
  • And will be able to successfully recreate them


by calling +33 (0) 142 608 692
or send an e-mail to


Les Marquis de Ladurée
14 rue de Castiglione - 75002 Paris

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